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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Herb Presentation.

The herb presentation at the Clinton MaComb Public Library this week was a success. It was well attended, and the audience was interactive.

All but a handful of those attending were gardeners, and about 80% already grow herbs of some kind and came to learn more.

I offered a prize to the first person who could produce something made from herbs. The winner promptly held up a tube of lotion containing lavender and got a packet of our Chive and Dill vegi dip, our best seller at the market last year.

We discussed the difference between spices and herbs, a few facts about the history of herbs, the reasons to grow herbs, and talked briefly about the way to prepare soil and where to plant an herb garden.

We talked about the different sizes of herb gardens, from tabletop planters to large English style gardens.

Then we talked about some of the more popular herbs, including basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, dill, mint, chives, chamomile, lavender, and tarragon.

We talked a little bit about tips for planting and growing each one.

We discussed Comfrey, and some of the known and unknown qualities of that plant.

I ended with a question and answer period that lasted about 30 minutes.

Everyone got a copy of my herb chart "Popular Herbs for the Beginning Gardener".

It was a fun presentation and seemed to be well received.

We discussed the potential of returning for more classes about how to harvest and how to use herbs, and I am looking forward to that possibility.