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Thursday, October 31, 2013

It’s All About Pumpkins!

Hi everyone!



Since we are not pumpkin farmers but, one of our favorite products for this time of the year is our Toasted Herb Pumpkin Seeds, we need LOTS of pumpkin seeds!

2013-10-06 11_53_36

We start working with local growers and communities early in the summer to get pumpkin seeds.

2013-10-26 15_22_01

Another pumpkin seed source is from local Pumpkin events. The Trenton Cultural Center hosted a pumpkin carving and lighting festival this past weekend.

2013-10-26 15_17_12

Kids created their own spooky pumpkin face.



There were a lot of pumpkins carved to be lit that evening!

2013-10-26 15_19_23

And this would be the part we are involved in! LOL

2013-10-26 15_18_54

We were thrilled and thankful for buckets of pumpkin guts!

2013-10-26 17_31_25

2013-10-26 18_34_46

Of course that means HOURS and HOURS of cleaning and gathering pumpkin seeds! And then many more hours seasoning and toasting them before they are ready to be packaged for sale.


We are dedicated to offering all of you the best quality and tasting toasted herbed pumpkin seeds possible!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mums The Word

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting Mums the Word. This is a local chrysanthemum farm.


When we visited, most of the mums had already been harvested for sale.


Not only did we have a wonderful mini class hosted by Carol the owner of the farm, we got to shop!


Carol has a wonderful  gift shop on the farm! Oh, there was so many adorable treasures!


Wonderful Fall decorations made and ready to buy!


Lots of pumpkins and gourds.


And of course, gorgeous mums! I walked out with 5 new mums to add to my yard! Her prices are amazing and the quality is perfect!

And Carol is a wealth of information regarding mums! I learned so much from her!


This little guy attached himself to Troy and vice versa. I thought for sure he was coming home with us!


On the way home from the farm, we spotted a wheelbarrow at the curb. Well, we can’t pass up a wheelbarrow! So, it came home with us!

If you live in the area, you really need to stop by Mums the Word and check it out! You will want to return time and time again. I can’t wait to go back and check out all the Christmas treasures the shop will have to offer this year!

Here is some info:

Mums the Word

Carol & Walt
23665 Otter Rd
New Boston, Mi

(734) 516-1352
(734) 753-4121

Hours: 9 A.M. till 6 P.M. seven days a week. Except during the Christmas season call for hours.
We are open around the end of August for Fall Decorations,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Wreaths,  Grave Blankets and Christmas Decorations.  We do special orders decorations. Center Pieces, Weddings, Showers and parties all year long.


Thank you Carol for a wonderful visit to your farm!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Saline Library Presentation

Hi everyone!

Last month we had the pleasure of giving a class at the Saline Library in Saline Michigan. This was our first time at this library and we are hoping not the last time! What a wonderful library! We fell in love with this place!

2013-09-10 18_21_37

Not only was it gorgeous inside but, the grounds were fantastic!

2013-09-10 18_10_00

2013-09-10 18_18_53

2013-09-10 18_19_32

They even have a farmer’s market in the parking lot!

And how cute is this…they have a little hobbit village!

2013-09-10 18_13_182013-09-10 18_12_58

2013-09-10 18_13_26

2013-09-10 18_12_41

The people who attended the class were a wonderful group. We enjoyed the class so much and loved working with Katie. We hope to be back again sometime soon!

Thank you Katie and the great folks of Saline for having us!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quarter Mania Charity Event

Hi everyone!

Last night we participated in a charity event held by a local church group raising money for their charity, “House of Joy”.


When you entered the event you could buy a “stick paddle” for $4.00 or a “Super Paddle” for $15.00. Each paddle has a number on it and there are ping pong balls with the same numbers. When you pick your paddle the coordinating ball goes into a big box.


So here is how it worked:

At each of the tables there was a jar to put quarters in (the honor system). If you bought the $15.00 paddle, you didn’t have to add any quarters. Basically you paid ahead of time to enter each auction.

If you bought the $4.00 paddle, you would add however many quarters they assigned to an auction you wanted to bid on.

For example, the first auction item maybe a $50.00 gift card to a salon and they placed a 3 quarter bid on it. So, me, with the $4.00 paddle decides I want to bid on this item. I add 3 quarters to the jar and hold my paddle up.

All of the paddle numbers are in the box. They pull out a number and if it is your paddle number you win the item. If they call your number and you did not have your paddle up, you did not win.


All of the vendors donated. We did two baskets filled with all of our products for the auction.


Lots of very generous vendors and businesses donated!


The House of Joy is a facility that will offer support to 14 surrounding villages in Romania. Local residents will be able to take English classes, get job skills, make use of the running water for showers, and have a place of hope in their community where they can learn about Jesus Christ

So, we now know what a “Quarter Mania” auction event is!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Fall Festival

Hi everyone!


Last night we had fun attending and selling at the 3rd Friday event in Wyandotte! It was a special Fall Festival night!


There was a chili cook-off and many tents had their chili for sale or, like us, for sampling.


Food and drinks were available.


Of course, lots of fun vendors showed up for the party!


A Haunted old store was there for those who dared!


“That 80’s Band’ rocked the night with lots of awesome music and dancing.

It was another fun and successful night. We had a great time and enjoyed talking with all the folks who came out to have fun and support the Wyandotte businesses!

We want to thank the Wyandotte Business Association for hosting this wonderful night!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chase Mission Street Grant

Dtl Herbs LTD got our start as a business in 2010, but our history goes back further than that. We had had both been growing and using herbs for years before we met, and when we got together we continued doing that.

In 2008, our Granddaughter Lia came to live with us, and she shaped a big part of our lives. We soon realized that she had very sensitive skin, and even the chemicals in soap and lotions often caused a reaction.

This changed not only our gardening practices, but also the whole way we looked at food and farming. If a chemical wasn't healthy to put on your skin, how could it be healthy to put in your stomach?
So, for Lia's safety and for ours, We eliminated chemicals from our garden, and have since grown using only safe, natural and organic methods. In 2010, we started taking the herbs that we grew to local farmers markets
and have slowly and steadily grown our product line to the point where this season we were able to offer 30 different products made from our herbs, as well as live plants early in the season and dried individual herbs later in the season.
As our business grew, our home did not, and we have slowly outgrown the room and space we have available to us.
We need to grow. And growth needs money. So when we learned about the Chase Mission Main Street Grant Program for small businesses, we were intrigued.

Through the grant, 12 winners across the nation, will receive a grant of $250.000.00 and other valuable business assistance from Chase bank and other sponsors.

Winning a grant like this would allow us to take our business to a whole new level.

We could produce, manufacture, educate and share so much more, and do it all in one central location.

We quickly took the steps necessary to enter this competition.

Now we need your help. In order to move to the next level in the competition and be given a chance to present our business plan, our goals and our dream to a panel of judges, we need 250 votes. We are over halfway there, but we still have a ways to go.
In order to vote, you need a Facebook account, then it's easy from there.
Just click here and then click on "Vote." There will be a quick message about the information that is collected.

 Relax, this is primarily to keep people from creating multiple fake accounts and voting for themselves. They do not use or sell this information for marketing or any other nefarious purposes.

Won't you please take a moment of your time to vote for us and help us move on in this competition?

Last Day at Redford Market

Hi everyone!

This past Sunday was the last Farmer’s Market at the Redford Marquee!


We want to thank the amazing customers in the Redford area for supporting us and the market all summer! All of us vendors truly appreciate you showing up each week! Thank you all!


Our second huge thanks goes to our wonderful Market Manager Melinda! She works so hard every week to make the market a success. Between creating a fun farmer’s market atmosphere , dealing with all of us vendors and creating events to draw in the people, she is a great asset to the Redford Community! Thank you Melinda!






And to all the wonderful hard working vendors, thank you for making the market season a fun and enjoyable one!


On the last day of this fun market, the Jaycees sponsored a “Chili Cook-off”!


The esteemed judges sampled numerous chili entries to find the winner!

IMG_7261We had the pleasure of enjoying some great music preformed by “Hot Ugly”! They were great! Thank you guys! 


Everyone seemed to have a fun time at this last Farmer’s Market of the season. Even our four legged friends joined the event!

So, once again, we want to thank all of the folks in Redford for a terrific Farmer’s Market season! Thank you for coming out each Sunday and supporting all of us!

See you in the Spring!