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Monday, October 14, 2013

Chase Mission Street Grant

Dtl Herbs LTD got our start as a business in 2010, but our history goes back further than that. We had had both been growing and using herbs for years before we met, and when we got together we continued doing that.

In 2008, our Granddaughter Lia came to live with us, and she shaped a big part of our lives. We soon realized that she had very sensitive skin, and even the chemicals in soap and lotions often caused a reaction.

This changed not only our gardening practices, but also the whole way we looked at food and farming. If a chemical wasn't healthy to put on your skin, how could it be healthy to put in your stomach?
So, for Lia's safety and for ours, We eliminated chemicals from our garden, and have since grown using only safe, natural and organic methods. In 2010, we started taking the herbs that we grew to local farmers markets
and have slowly and steadily grown our product line to the point where this season we were able to offer 30 different products made from our herbs, as well as live plants early in the season and dried individual herbs later in the season.
As our business grew, our home did not, and we have slowly outgrown the room and space we have available to us.
We need to grow. And growth needs money. So when we learned about the Chase Mission Main Street Grant Program for small businesses, we were intrigued.

Through the grant, 12 winners across the nation, will receive a grant of $250.000.00 and other valuable business assistance from Chase bank and other sponsors.

Winning a grant like this would allow us to take our business to a whole new level.

We could produce, manufacture, educate and share so much more, and do it all in one central location.

We quickly took the steps necessary to enter this competition.

Now we need your help. In order to move to the next level in the competition and be given a chance to present our business plan, our goals and our dream to a panel of judges, we need 250 votes. We are over halfway there, but we still have a ways to go.
In order to vote, you need a Facebook account, then it's easy from there.
Just click here and then click on "Vote." There will be a quick message about the information that is collected.

 Relax, this is primarily to keep people from creating multiple fake accounts and voting for themselves. They do not use or sell this information for marketing or any other nefarious purposes.

Won't you please take a moment of your time to vote for us and help us move on in this competition?

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