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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let the Pumpkin Seed Harvest Begin!

Hi everyone!

We have our first patch of herbed pumpkin seeds ready for sale!


Yes that would be a trailer loaded with a bunch of pumpkins!


Since we are not pumpkin farmers, we put out the word to all our friends, family and associates that we needed pumpkin seeds!


We are fortunate to have made so many friends from the different farmer’s markets, Troy came home with all these pumpkins Sunday evening!


When Troy was at the Redford Farmer’s Market, he spread the word around regarding the need for pumpkins. Melinda, one of the most amazing Farmer Market managers, told Troy they had a bunch that were part of a pumpkin painting event and that he was welcome to them! Woohoo!


Monday was spent gutting, cleaning and roasting pumpkin seeds!


Once seasoned with our herbs and roasted, I had to snitch some for home!

So all you good folks at Wyandotte Farmer’s Market, we will have the herbed pumpkins seeds available! And this Thursday is the last Farmer’s Market in Wyandotte! So, make sure to stop by and stock up on your favorite DTL Herb products!

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