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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quarter Mania Charity Event

Hi everyone!

Last night we participated in a charity event held by a local church group raising money for their charity, “House of Joy”.


When you entered the event you could buy a “stick paddle” for $4.00 or a “Super Paddle” for $15.00. Each paddle has a number on it and there are ping pong balls with the same numbers. When you pick your paddle the coordinating ball goes into a big box.


So here is how it worked:

At each of the tables there was a jar to put quarters in (the honor system). If you bought the $15.00 paddle, you didn’t have to add any quarters. Basically you paid ahead of time to enter each auction.

If you bought the $4.00 paddle, you would add however many quarters they assigned to an auction you wanted to bid on.

For example, the first auction item maybe a $50.00 gift card to a salon and they placed a 3 quarter bid on it. So, me, with the $4.00 paddle decides I want to bid on this item. I add 3 quarters to the jar and hold my paddle up.

All of the paddle numbers are in the box. They pull out a number and if it is your paddle number you win the item. If they call your number and you did not have your paddle up, you did not win.


All of the vendors donated. We did two baskets filled with all of our products for the auction.


Lots of very generous vendors and businesses donated!


The House of Joy is a facility that will offer support to 14 surrounding villages in Romania. Local residents will be able to take English classes, get job skills, make use of the running water for showers, and have a place of hope in their community where they can learn about Jesus Christ

So, we now know what a “Quarter Mania” auction event is!

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