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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Greenhouse News - Seedlings

We had just started our partnership with Roosevelt High School (click here for details), and worked with them for a few days when it was time for spring break.

The kids get time off, but somebody still has to water the plants.

So the advisor and I have been making sure that everything got lots of TLC.

The Horseradish is off to a great start.

The Thyme and Marjoram were the first ones to sprout and they are really looking good.

The Dill, Oregano, Salad Burnet, Savory, and Bunching Onions, have all sprouted, and many of the edible flowers we planted are showing a few sprouts per tray.

By next week, when the kids come back to school, there should be lots and lots of seedlings for them study.

We are very excited about this partnership and, because we want to share our progress with everyone we can, this post will be linked to Fertilizer Friday, a blog party where garden enthusiasts share the happenings from their gardens.

Click here, so you can visit Fertilizer Friday for tips, ideas, suggestions and pictures from gardens and gardeners around the world.


  1. What fabulous lessons for the students. It looks like there's whole lot going on in your greenhouse ... well done!

  2. I wish more schools would teach this!!!

  3. Kudos to you for partnering with a school for this project!

  4. You are awesome for incliding the kids in this!! I agree, more schools should teach this.
    More kudos given here!!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderfully Happy Easter!

  5. Your plants are coming along! Thanks for wharing your idea to help the kids. Paula from Idaho H appy Easter

  6. How nice that you are getting busy with your greenhouse. I'm sure they will do great. :) Been busy for Easter. Sorry for my late visit but my post is not late :) Hope you can visit my Fertilizer Friday here.

  7. How exciting!

    Following via Flaunt Your Flowers
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Life Below Zero

  8. Everything looks great. I haven't gotten too far into veggie gardening yet, but perhaps herbs would be a good way for me to start. I love garden blogs! Thanks for visiting and commenting on mine.