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Friday, January 20, 2012

Off to School We Go!

Hi everyone!

Troy and I have decided to return to school and get our Master Gardener Certification. It just made sense to us since we have a herb business.

Dundee FM 2011 006Our table at a local Farmer’s Market this past summer. 

We both love to grow herbs, veggies and flowers so, going back to school to acquire new skills and knowledge is exciting to us.

Outdoor2011spring 079Our Future Master Gardener taking care of “her” herb bed.

A big part of getting the M.G. certification involves volunteering with the community and educating others.

Troy lecture 016

One of our herb presentations

We do presentations at different venues.

Farmers market 2011 021

Growing Basil at the local high school greenhouse (hydroponically)

We are a volunteer business partner with a local high school agriculture program.  Troy has been working extensively with the kids regarding herbs and composting.

Fall harvesting 2011 012

End of the year tea herb harvest.

In the Spring I will be working with the kids in creating tea gardens and how to create blends.

We love working with the public and educating as much as we can. We have a small herb garden in the Princess’s preschool class. Kids are so eager to learn. So, working with children is one of our favorite volunteer projects.

So gaining more knowledge and being able to share that is something we are really looking forward to!


  1. That is great and I love the volunteer things you do!

  2. Are those hydroponically-grown plants in old downspouts? How does that work? That is so cool!

  3. The Hydroponic beds at the greenhouse were built by a plumber who volunteers at the school. They are made from downspout material, and a few other things that you can pick up at Home Depot. They are pretty simple to make and anyone with enough space could make one. Last year, we grew Basil, Cilantro, Spinach and Lettuce in the beds, this year we are thinking of trying a few other herbs.

    I'll try to get some good pics and do a post in the near future about the hydroponic beds and how they are put together.