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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enjoy a Fresh Cup of Iced Tea!

Hi everyone!

We started our first full week of scheduled Farmers Markets last week. Did you stop by? If you did, you might have noticed we have added a new item, Fresh brewed Herb Infused Iced Tea! Nothing beats iced tea in this insane heat we have had!


Last week I started the market season out with a Lemon Balm infused brewed tea. It had a nice light lemon taste to it. Not overwhelming, which is hard to do with Lemon Balm! I have to confess, I threw out two whole gallons before I was satisfied with the taste. Thank goodness we have a lot of fresh lemon balm for me to play with!


Starting today, I am featuring Peppermint infused fresh brewed iced tea. The peppermint gives the iced tea a wonderful cooling taste. It is probably my favorite infused tea to date. And I am always trying different herb infused teas here at home.


I have a feeling that this one is going to be a favorite among all of you at the Markets this summer so, I better keep harvesting my peppermint!


I hope you all stop by at one of our Farmer’s Markets and give our iced tea a try!



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