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Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Product ~ Packaged Teas

Hi everyone!

Wow, we have been busy lately. You can tell by the lack of post here at DTL Herbs!

I am thrilled to finally announce that we have packaged our herb infused tea and they are now available for purchase so you can take them home and enjoy them! We had so many requests this past summer after introducing the iced teas for this to be packaged for home use.


We are offering two sizes. The above is a picture of the the “Brew an entire pot of hot tea or a pitcher of iced tea” size. The flavors are all the ones we introduced this summer: Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemon Verbena.


And in the same flavors as above, we now have packaged individual tea bags for a single serving.

I hope you stop by and give them a try!

I am working on putting together a schedule of the different events that we will be at throughout the winter months. So check back so and see where we are!


Today (Nov 4) we are at Airport High School for a large craft show (Carleton, MI)

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