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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Craft Show While at the Cabin

Hi friends!

I love living in a small town. I grew up and have lived my entire life in a small community. Although my hometown is small, it takes less than a half hour to get to either Detroit or Toledo. So, there is plenty of city life all around us.

At the cabin, first it takes almost a half an hour just to get “into town”. And the town itself is a very small town. And up north, the towns are at least 25-30 miles away from each other. So, when you have an event in town, the entire town shows up for it. Not to mention the so called neighboring towns make a day of it and head over.

IMG_4835Oh how we love these kinds of shows! You basically have a captive audience. We quite literally are “the only show in town”. This Christmas craft show is the last event that will happen here until Spring. So, everyone wants to check it out and spend their day shopping. And the folks that have driven 30+ miles to attend have money ready to spend. They want to do their Christmas shopping. And because of this, you have a lot of crafters/vendors there. The high school was packed with fun and different things throughout all the halls and gym.



Generally it is very rare for us to have any type of similar product competition. DTL Herbs is quite unique. Occasionally we will see a vendor selling spices. We don’t sell spices, we sell herbs. Big difference. People don’t realize that. We spend a lot of our time at shows educating people about herbs. And once in awhile we will see vendors selling dip mixes or dry rubs similar to ours. The big factor with them is they are generally vendors of the products. This means that there is a large company that makes these items and then you sell them for the company. Kind of like selling Avon or Tupperware.

IMG_4837Our company is not a big company. It is just us. We go from the soil to the table. We plant our herbs, we grow our herbs, we harvest our herbs, we dry our herbs and we create our end product. All of our recipes have been created by us and tested, what sometimes feels like a million times until they are just right in our opinion. We know exactly what goes into our growing herbs and our end product. We use no chemicals and we don’t use any artificial additives. Okay, that was just a small lie. LOL I have added food coloring to my sugars to make them pink, green or yellow. But, that is the only thing that has anything unnatural added to it. And it really stressed us out about doing the food colorings in the sugars. We test marketed it several times to see if people would be okay with it. Our customers are very loyal to us and believe in our company and products so, they give us their honest opinion. We love that!


That’s what it looks like sitting behind the table as a vendor. LOL Okay, back to the show.

Here is where you can find us this coming week….

Thursday 12/6 Redford Olde Fashioned Holiday

Friday Dec 7, 1:00 pm,  Troy will be giving a fun presentation class on Holiday gifts with herbs,

Saturday Dec 8 River of Living Waters Ministries Annual Holiday Craft Show, 9:00-4:00

We don’t have a show scheduled for Sunday so, if any of you know of a local one, please let us know about it.


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