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Monday, August 26, 2013

C.O.R.N. Pasta Salad

Hi everyone!

Nope, this pasta salad has nothing to do with “corn”. It is:

C. = Clean

O. = Out

R. = Refrigerator

N. = Night


Pasta salad is one of those dishes that is very forgiving. You can just gather little bits and pieces of different leftovers, chop them up and add them to cooked pasta.


I decided to cook up this box of “Trio Italiano’ pasta for our salad tonight.


I had several different color bell peppers that were needed to be used up so, they got chopped and into the bowl they went.


I had a handful of black olives in the fridge, 3 pickled banana peppers in a jar, half of a purple onion, some tomatoes that had some bruised spots. a dab of feta cheese and some leftover ham. So, that is what was chopped and added to the mix.

Any fresh veggies will do in a pasta salad. Along with meats such as pepperoni, salami or ham. Bits and pieces of cheese is great in this type of salad as well.

Besides the pasta, the other key ingredient is, of course……

2013-07-12 16_43_27

DTL Herbs Italian Dressing & Marinade!

The bottle above is the bottle we sell at the market. The bottle below is what we have on hand all the time at home. Which is about twice the size! LOL


We use this dressing all the time for different recipes!

Once you have coated all of the salad, put in the fridge for a couple of hours so all the flavors will combine. At that point you will want to add more dressing because the pasta will have soaked up quite a bit.


Now you have a quick meal or side dish all ready.

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