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Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Make a Fairy Garden

Hi everyone!
Earlier this month at our Garden Club Meeting, we had a woman in to teach us how to make a tabletop fairy garden. This was so much fun!
How to make a fairy garden 1
She brought all kinds of fairy accessories that she either collected of made for us to use. I am going to just start at the beginning and work my way through the tutorial!
The first step was to pick out a basket to make our garden in. She had two tables filled with different baskets to choose from.
We chose our accessories.
You can use and upcycle a lot of things you may already have around your home.
You can make shepherds hooks out of old wire hangers. Using a golf tee and a round marble you can make a gazing ball. Popsicle sticks can turn into garden gates. Small Christmas ornaments can also be added as gazing balls. Painted metal mesh or plastic mesh can be cut to use as a trellis. So many ideas!!
Next we chose our plants. Herbs like lemon thyme work great in fairy gardens. You want small plants that grow close to the ground with a couple of spiky plants for height.
Each table also had bags of pebbles/gravel, scissors, a small knife, soil and floral foil.
Okay, we have all our stuff, let’s make a fairy garden!
Line the inside of the basket with the floral foil. Roll down the edges to match the height of your basket. Use the small knife and poke some holes in the bottom of the foil for drainage.
Now fill with soil.
Now plant your plants. this is where your creative side kicks in. There is no right or wrong way to build your fairy garden. You just want to keep in mind your accessories and creating little pathways with the pebbles.
Once you have your plants in, make little pathways with your pebbles and start adding your accessories!
Everyone working on their fairy gardens.
I love that everyone’s fairy garden was different. Each added their own touches.
This was our fairy garden.
I honestly am hooked on making these! I just love them. We ended up making this for my mom for Mother’s Day and she loved it!
Once you have your garden made, gently water it. These are meant to be outside however, if you have the right space they can be inside as well.
How to make a fairy garden 2
So, are you ready to make your own fairy garden? I hope this inspired you to get creative and have some fun!
Thank you for stopping by!
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