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Friday, September 16, 2011

Ladies Night

Hi everyone!

Well, my mom and I set up a table at the Ladies Night in Wayne, MI last night. Unfortunately, it was a very low turn out of people. However, we had fun anyway. Since Troy is generally the one at the markets, it was a great opportunity for me to meet other vendors and some of our regular customers. So, that made the evening fun for me.

FM projects 2011 001This was before the event started. Vendors were coming in and setting up. That is our table in the right hand corner.

FM projects 2011 002We need to figure out a way to keep our spare sign from curling up.

FM projects 2011 003  I decided to take two of our sweet jellies and create a spread with them. I made one with Lemon Verbena & Rosemary Jelly and the Applemint Jelly. I used one jar of jelly and one block of softened cream cheese. I sampled them on Vanilla Wafers. Either one would be so good on a toasted bagel!

FM projects 2011 004We ran out of ink in our printer so, I had to quickly make up handwritten signs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, in my rush to get the signs made, I misspelled one of our products! I didn’t even notice it until I got home and looked at the pictures!

FM projects 2011 005We sampled Garlic Jelly and Jalapeno Jelly on crackers.

FM projects 2011 007FM projects 2011 008  I set up the table completely different than Troy’s usual Farmer’s Market table. That is the fun thing about being in an indoor venue.FM projects 2011 010 I never had the opportunity to demo the Salt Scrubs even though I was all set up to do so.

The Wayne Chamber of Commerce is having another event in November. I am still up in the air as to whether we will set up again. We had a lot of fun but, they need to have a lot more advertising and promotion of the event.

It really was fun to meet other vendors and some of our regular customers! I told Troy that I need to get out of the behind the scenes a little more and go out and play! LOL


  1. Hi exciting..everything looks fabulous and wonderful! Shine on to you and Troy for all the wonderful work you are doing..

  2. Everything looks great! Sorry it was such a low turn out but maybe the next one will be better.