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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fresh Lettuce

Hi everyone!

After a visit to the greenhouse and spending a good deal of time snapping pictures left and right, I thought I would share some gorgeous lettuce that is ready to pick.


It is growing hydroponically and is beautiful!

Now, last time we posted pictures of the hydroponic beds, we had lots of questions about them. So here is a little bit about them.  The hydroponic systems are made from everyday materials available at Lowes, or Home Depot, or any store like that. They are simply downspouts, with holes cut in them, drip irrigation tubing, a water reservoir and a pump. They were developed and designed by a retired engineer who volunteers at the school, and built by students.

IMG_0712 Did you know that a lot of this wonderful fresh lettuce is used at the school in the cafeteria? These students are literally growing their own food. They aren’t at the level to completely supply the school cafeteria yet but, they sure are working at that goal. Isn’t that awesome!


They do sell some of the lettuce as well. This is one of the ways they earn money to put back into the greenhouse. And where would you rather buy your lettuce at this time of the year? The grocery store, where you have no idea where it came from and what was sprayed on it? Or right here at a local high school greenhouse where you could go in and look at it and choose what you wantIMG_0721 

Don’t you wish all schools could have this amazing program in place?

Are you planning on growing some lettuce? With the weird weather we have had here in Michigan, it is going to be interesting to see how early crops will be able to be planted and produce.

I think I am going to try a variety of different lettuces (love all the beautiful colors lettuce comes in) and other greens as an early crop this year. If I have luck with them, I will try a fall harvest as well.

Now, decisions, decisions….which varieties to try out?

Check out this interesting idea to try different lettuce without using a lot of space. Hummm…..


I found this photo online and have no idea who the original source is. Sorry about that. I would love to see more detail on this.