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Monday, February 6, 2012

Project: Preschool Indoor Herb Garden

Hi everyone!

Does it surprise you in the least that one of the first volunteer projects we did with the Princess's preschool class was to start them an herb garden? Of course not, I didn’t think so.


Kids are like little sponges. If you make something fun and interesting, they just absorb the information up. And when you let them be part of something, they get a wonderful sense of ownership.


The above picture is Cuban Oregano (it is in the pot with the Aloe Vera). This plant started out as a small piece of broken Cuban Oregano from our home. We started it in a glass of water so the kids could see how it grew roots. Once it was big enough, they were part of planting it and now watching how big it is growing.

The Aloe Vera plant was a rescue. At the high school there is a compost pile and a place where people can drop off unwanted containers/pots for the students to use. Well, someone dumped their Aloe Vera plant in the compost pile. It was pretty beaten up but, it gave the kids a fun chance to see a plant being rescued and brought back to life.


Since we volunteer with the high school students as well and have access to their wonderful greenhouse, we have a lot of herbs growing right now. So, starting a small window ledge herb garden for the children at the preschool was just a natural thing to do.

IMG_0548_thumb[2]We wanted to have a variety of different types of herbs.

IMG_0552_thumb[2]When it comes to watering and taking care of the herbs, the students wait for one of us, then a few kids at a time can take turn watering.

IMG_0557_thumb[2] This has become their garden. We are hoping to do an actual outside garden with them in the Spring.


We occasionally will bring in a new herb. They are always so excited when they can pinch a leaf and smell it. They know that this one is a “Pizza Herb” (oregano) or that one is a “Candy Herb” (peppermint). It is so fun to see their faces when the recognition of the scent hits them!

The sense of smell is such a powerful sense. It was interesting to observe one of the children smell the citronella when we first brought it into the class room. When a new herb comes in, they each get to smell it and this child instantly said, “That smells like camping!” This is a 3 year old! How cool.


**The Lincoln Park Indoor Farmer’s Market will be open again this coming Sunday. We will be there and hope you are too!**


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  1. Those preschoolers must have had a blast!

  2. What a fun class you have! Love your little herb garden...they are such great plants and you are teaching your little students to be future gardeners! Thanks for sharing this fun post!
    Miss Bloomers

  3. I think this is great! I have donated and helped plant the flowers into individual pots with the grade one classes for a few years now. One year we did Pansy, one we did Dahlia, and one we did Geraniums. The kids so love to dig and pot the flowers...then they give them to their moms for Mother's Day.
    I also have donated the seed for the school garden for the past few years...the kids just love to grow!
    thanks for linking in...and sharing with me this week!

  4. I agree with you with starting the kids right away, and that will also give them some sense of responsibility in what they do and for the environment. I wish more teachers are like you.